Agility 365 Agreement

1  Inclusions

This agreement incorporates the following agreements, contracts, or policies as part of this agreement. 

 1.1  Summit Technology Master Services Agreement

The Master Services Agreement contains all the legal terms and conditions, financial policies, and general terms that govern all services delivered by Summit technology. 

 1.2  Microsoft Cloud Agreement

The Microsoft Cloud Agreement contains the terms, conditions, and use rights of the Microsoft 365 platform and becomes effective on the date that we first provision any Microsoft licenses or services to your tenant. 

2  Definitions

 2.1  Base License

For the purposes of this agreement "Base License" refers to the Microsoft 365 Business Premium license. 

 2.2  Frontline License

For the purposes of this agreement "Frontline License" refers to the Microsoft 365 F3 license. 

 2.3  Onboarding Period

For the purposes of this agreement "Onboarding Period" refers to the first 90 days after an Agility 365 proposal has been signed by Client. 

 2.4  Tenant

For the purposes of this agreement "Tenant" refers to the entire Microsoft 365 environment of the Client. The tenant contains all the Microsoft licenses, applications, data, email, and other related metadata and information. 

3  Term of Agreement

The term of this agreement shall be for one year from the date of the most recent Agility 365 proposal signed by Client. This agreement shall automatically renew each year unless Client provides written notice at least 30 days prior to the renewal date. 

 3.1  Early Termination

If Client elects to terminate this agreement early, an early termination fee equal to 20% of the remaining agreement amount shall be paid by Client. 

 3.2  User Counts

This agreement allows for flexibility in the number of users on a monthly basis. If at any time over the  course of this agreement the Client’s total number of users drops below 20% of the number of users at the onset of the agreement, Summit Technology may, at our discretion, increase the monthly per user fee to cover the additional overhead and maintenance costs.  

4  Service Commitment

Many IT service providers structure their operations around Service Level Agreements (SLA). These documents are generally cumbersome, lengthy, and contain a myriad of metrics in various matrices that the customer is supposed to navigate in order to hold the service provider accountable. We do not operate our business based on complicated and often meaningless SLAs. 

Our Service Commitment is based solely on complete customer satisfaction. At our core, we are a customer service company that utilizes technology to enable our customers to achieve more. 

Six core service commitments form the foundation of our philosophy of Great Service. 

 4.1  Accessibility

We strive to provide our clients and partners with as much access as they need to our people, resources, and expertise. This includes our senior leadership team. We will take the time to understand your unique needs and provide guidance on your use of technology to achieve your business goals. We ensure that we will be there to support you whenever you need us; 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

 4.2  Responsiveness

We pride ourselves on responding to requests in an efficient, timely manner. We are continually looking for ways to improve our service offering and enhance our culture of Great Service. We greatly value your feedback, both positive AND negative. 

 4.3  Privacy

We take extraordinary precautions to protect the information you give us. We will not disclose or sell your information to anyone unless requested by you or in instances where we are required by law. We ensure our service providers adhere to these same standards. 

 4.4  Transparency

We believe that candid, transparent communication is a core requirement for any successful business relationship. We are committed to clearly explaining our products, how they can be used to enable your business goals, and create the desired outcomes. We are continuously innovating ways to create the best customer experience, but when we don’t, we will candidly and transparently commit all of our resources to resolving the problem and implement new practices to prevent the same occurrence in the future. 

 4.5  Communication

We will keep you up to date through the proper level of communication, custom tailored to your business, with regular proactive conversations, reporting on IT infrastructure, access to all technical documentation, processes, and procedures. Wherever possible, we aim to use simple language that is easy to understand. 

 4.6  Customer Experience

We center every product and service we deliver on creating the best customer experience. We understand that we will continue to earn your business or lose your business based on the experience we create for you. 

5  Curators and Caretakers

Your Microsoft 365 tenant, along with all the data, information, and communications stored there, belongs exclusively to you. We serve as caretakers and curators of your technology systems. 

6  Your Data and Systems Always Remain Yours

 6.1  Microsoft 365 / Azure Active Directory Tenant

All of your data, files, intellectual property, and communications are exclusively yours and will always remain inside your Microsoft 365 tenant. Summit Technology does not store any of your company data. 

 6.2  Domain Names

All internet domain names, whether procured by you or procured by us, will always remain your exclusive property, and we will transfer them to any registrar you designate upon the termination of this agreement. 

7  Data We Collect and Store

We collect and store the following data about your organization and technology.

 7.1  Contact Information

We collect, store, and maintain contact information for each member of your organization and any subcontractor to your organization with login credentials to your Microsoft 365/Azure AD environment.  We use this data to provide technical support and verify identities of all persons requesting support. 

 7.2  Technical Documentation

We create, store, and maintain technical documentation about your information technology environment for the purposes of providing technical support, enabling your team, and meeting regulatory compliance requirements. After the onboarding period is complete, you may request this documentation at any time. 

As part of maintaining this documentation and an active agent, we may install an agent on each desktop, laptop, and server in your environment. 

 7.3  Security and Event Logs

We may collect and store security and event logs from your environment for the purposes of providing technical support, troubleshooting, identifying trends, and reporting certain statistics to you. 

 7.4  Device and Software Inventory

We may track and store information on your particular computer hardware and software inventory for the purposes of providing efficient support, creating a better customer experience, and advising you on cost optimization opportunities. 

8  Systems Where We May Store Your Data

Outside of your specific Microsoft 365 tenant, we also utilize the following systems to deliver and enhance the Agility 365 service to you. Contact, technical, and financial information related to billing and payments may be stored in these platforms. 

 8.1  Cloud Radial

Cloud Radial is the platform that we utilize to provide a customer portal for our Agility 365 clients. This portal will allow you to access certain things such as documentation specific to your organization, customize forms where you can make requests, and other reporting services.   

The Cloud Radial security policy can be found hereCloud Radial Security Policy

 8.2  HubSpot

HubSpot is a widely used Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.  We use HubSpot to track all opportunities and proposals to our clients.  The official HubSpot security policy can be found here: HubSpot Security Policy 

 8.3  ITGlue

ITGlue is an industry standard technical documentation system. We utilize this system to store and maintain all of the technical documentation for your information technology environment. The official security policy for ITGlue can be found here: ITGlue Security Policy   

 8.4  QuickBooks Online

Quickbooks Online is an industry standard accounting system. All of our financial information for all of our clients flows back to Quickbooks Online.  Their official security policy can be found here:  
Quickbooks Online Security Policy 

 8.5  Stripe

Stripe is our official payment processor for the Agility 365 service. If you elect to pay your monthly invoice online your financial information may be saved and recorded by Stripe.  The link to their official security policy can be found here: Stripe Security Policy 

 8.6  Syncro

Syncro is a professional services automation platform that we utilize to track service requests and enforce adherence to specific client processes. It integrates directly with ITGlue and Cloud Radial. The link to their official security policy can be found here: Syncro Security Policy 

9  Billing

The Agility 365 suite is billed on a per user per month basis with the following terms. 

 9.1  Scalable Monthly

The Agility 365 suite is designed to scale up or down on a monthly basis. Users can be added or removed at will throughout the life of the agreement. 

 9.2  Billing Based on License Counts

On or about the first of each month you will be billed at the rate identified in the signed Agility 365 Proposal for the total active Base and Frontline licensed users that are active on the first day of the month. 

 9.3  User Additions and Termination

When a new user is added to the Agility 365 suite, you will be invoiced for the cost of one month of service on the date they are added. 

10  Discounts

The Agility 365 suite monthly per user price is discounted based on the total number of Agility 365 users per the following schedule. 

  • 50-99 Users – 5% 
  • 100 – 149 Users – 10% 
  • 150 or more Users – 15% 

11  Included Products

The following software licenses are specifically included for each respective class of user in your environment. 

 11.1  Agility 365 Users  

  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium 
  • QuickHelp by Brainstorm 

 11.2 Agility 365 Frontline Users

  • Microsoft 365 F3 

12  Additional Products

Any additional subscription-based licenses you purchase from us will be billed as a separate line item on your monthly invoice. These can include but are not limited to: 

  • Additional Microsoft cloud products such as Microsoft Project, Visio, Dynamics, etc. 
  • Additional mailbox licenses for specific purposes where a shared mailbox will not work, such as an email account for a scanner. 
  • Microsoft Teams Voice telephone service licenses. 
  • Microsoft Teams Room licenses. 
  • Additional bolt-on products such as backup services. 

13  Included Ongoing Services

There are dozens of services included in the Agility 365 suite including but not limited to the following services. 

 13.1  Technical Support

Upon the initiation of this agreement, we will provide a dedicated telephone support number, a dedicated email address for support, as well as an online portal to initiate support requests. Remote technical support is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

 13.2  Maintenance and Administration

We will provide all regular maintenance, administration, monitoring, requested changes, and all other operational tasks related to your Microsoft 365 and Azure Active Directory environment. 

 13.3  Technical Documentation

Throughout the onboarding period we will create precise technical, architectural, and procedural documentation of your entire IT environment. Ongoing operational changes will be added to this documentation as they occur. 

 13.4  Asset Tracking and Reporting

We will track all your desktops, laptops, and other devices such as printers. We will provide a report on these assets upon request which will include technical specs, age, and warranty status. 

 13.5  Attack Simulation

We may perform an attack simulation, up to four times per year, to determine how each of your team members will respond to a customtailored phishing attack. The results of these simulations will be provided to your designated IT contact. Each user who was compromised in the simulated attack will be contacted and referred to the cybersecurity training module inside of QuickHelp. 

 13.6  DarkWeb Scanning

Using a variety of services and techniques, we will constantly scan the dark web for compromised credentials of each of your team members. If any compromise is detected, we will contact the employee directly and remediate the threat. 

 13.7  eDiscovery

We will create an eDiscovery upon the written request from the designated IT contact and make those results available to the designated IT contact as well as any other team member or outside counsel requested by the designated IT contact. 

 13.8  Customer Portal

We will provide an online portal that is customized to your organization’s specific needs. Your team can submit and track service desk tickets, access custom reporting dashboards, and more.

 13.9  Team Enablement

We will create a custom training and enablement portal for your team utilizing the QuickHelp platform from BrainStormThe QuickHelp platform has an on-demand library of searchable, sharable videos focused on specific applications, as well as soft skills like organization and productivity to help your team get the most out of your technology. 

14  Initial Configuration

There are more than 120 security, operational, compliance, and productivity features in the Microsoft 365 and Azure Active Directory platform. During the onboarding phase we will work directly with your team to identify the proper security, operational, compliance, or productivity features that will be utilized to enable and secure your business. 

Once implemented, the technical, architectural, and procedural documentation for each component will be created and made available for your review on demand. 

15  Regular Reporting

As part of the onboarding process we will work directly with your team to identify the technology metrics and related business intelligence that will be beneficial, insightful, or required for business planning. Based on your specific requirements these reports will be delivered monthly, quarterly, or on demand through real time dashboards. 

16  Additional Services and Fees

The following services may be required to meet your specific business needs. Additional fees will apply based on usage, as indicated in the examples below. 

 16.1  Microsoft Azure Core Services

To further enhance the security and productivity of your Microsoft 365 and Azure Active Directory environment, some additional Azure services may be required based on your specific business needs. The following components are the most commonly utilized across our customer base. 

Azure Active Directory Domain Services (AADDS)  Is a service that runs in Azure and facilitates things such as adding physical or virtual servers to an Azure Active Directory domain, adding local or hosted applications that need to authenticate users via Active Directory and dozens of other services. This component is billed based on usage. The average price of this service for ousmall business customers is $150/month. 

Network Policy Server (NPS)  Is a secure Windows server, running in Microsoft Azure, and joined to your Azure Active Directory domain that provides RADIUS authentication to various platforms that require it.  This is most commonly used to allow Microsoft 365 / Azure Active Directory authentication to on premises systems such as corporate Wi-Fi networks to enhance security and meet regulatory compliance requirements. This component is billed based on usage. The average price of this service for ousmall business customers is $125/month. 

 16.2  Additional Azure Products and Services

Additional virtual servers, applications, or services hosted in Azure can be added to this agreement based on your organizations needs. Azure services are billed based on consumption or usage basis. Any Azure services added to this agreement will be quoted with estimated cost in a proposal and require the signature of an authorized signer from your organization prior to implementation.

17  Minimum Requirements for Support

The following minimum system requirements must be met for our team to be able to support your devices.   

 17.1  Operating Systems and Software

Technical support will be provided for all products delivered under this agreement, any commonly used software such as, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Google Chrome, etc., and meets the following operating system standards:   

  • Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise 
  • MacOS 10.13 or later 
  • iOS 12.0 or later 
  • Android 8.0 or later 
  • ChromeOS 62.0 or later 

If support is requested on specialized software, we will support it as long as you have a support agreement with the software vendor that we are authorized to utilize on your behalf. If you do not have a support agreement on the specialized software, support will be limited to best effort only. 

 17.2  Hardware

Support for desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile devices will be provided with the following conditions: 

The hardware must have a current manufacturer’s warranty in effect and Summit Technology must be authorized with the manufacturer to obtain support on your behalf. 

  • If a manufacturers warranty is not available, hardware support is limited to best effort only. 
  • The operating system on the device must be listed in the supported operating systems listed under the Software and Operating System Requirements section of this agreement. 

Technical support is limited to operating systems and common software such as internet browsers and office productivity software. Support for specialized or custom developed software is limited to best effort only. 

18  Client Responsibilities

The following information, access, permissions, or restrictions are required for our team to support your organization efficiently and securely.

 18.1  Designate Authorized IT Contact(s)

You will need to provide us with one or more individuals to serve as Authorized IT contacts. These people will be authorized to request changes to your environment, add or remove users from your environment, be notified of any security incidents or anomalies, and authorized to request other sensitive services such as email audits and legal eDiscovery requests. 

If these contacts change, you must notify us as soon as possible. 

 18.2  No Other Global Administrators or Delegated Administration

To maintain the high levels of security, throughout the life of this agreement, no other companies, contractors, or consultants can be assigned Global Administrator privileges or assigned Delegated Administrator rights to your Microsoft 365 and Azure Active Directory tenants. 

 18.3  Organization Chart

For your Microsoft 365 and Azure Active Directory environment to work correctly and efficiently we need to arrange your user accounts in the same structure as your organization chart. You will need to provide us a current organization chart to structure the accounts correctly during onboarding. Anytime the organization chart changes you must notify us so that we can make the appropriate changes to structure, permissions, and group membership.  

 18.4  Letters of Authorization

From time to time it may be necessary for you to provide us specific letters of authorization (LOA).  Scenarios where an LOA may be required include, but are not limited to, contacting your internet carrier to initiate support on your behalf, contacting a software vendor to obtain support on your behalf, or contacting a hardware manufacturer to obtain support on your behalf.  

 18.5  Domain Name

Throughout the life of this agreement, you agree to provide us with administrative rights over your Internet domain names. We utilize this access to: 

  • Connect the domains to your Microsoft 365 tenant for email and other services. 
  • Manage and configure MX records for email routing. 
  • Implement, manage, and maintain email security protocols such as SPF, DKIM, and DMARC. 

 18.6  Logos, Graphics, and Branding

We may request your organizations logos, graphics, and branding guides. These materials will only be used to: 

  • Customize your Microsoft 365 tenant with your organizations unique branding. 
  • Customize documentation specific to your organization. 
  • Create authenticlooking email templates to be used during attack simulations. 

19  Adherence to Best Practices and Industry Standards

Iyou ever ask us to make a configuration change, system modification, or take other action with any component of your technology environment that is contrary to industry standards, our best judgment, or in conflict with the manufacturer’s best recommendationswe may, at our discretion, require your designated IT contact to sign an electronic document acknowledging the request. These documents will be attached to your official documentation and available to you at any time. 

We will not comply with requests that are illegal, unethical, violate terms of use, acceptable use policiesMicrosoft cloud service agreements, or end-user license agreements from any manufacturer. 

20  Termination of Agreement - Our Responsibilities

Upon termination of this agreement, Summit Technology will perform the following actions. 

  1. We will provide an export of all of your technical documentation to your designated IT contact or an organization designated by you. 
  2. We will transfer all control of any internet domain names that we control or manage for you. 
  3. We will transfer the control of the Microsoft 365 and Azure tenants that we manage for you to an organization of your choice.