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Agility 365 is a suite of products, services, and support, built on the Microsoft 365 and Azure platforms. It is custom curated to the unique needs of your organization. It is your IT Operations Team, Technical Support Team, Business Process Automation Team, and Cyber Security Team all in one! With predictable costs and the ability to scale your technology environment up or down on demand; Agility 365 will transform your technology from a headwind to a tailwind!

We created the Agility 365 platform to enable our clients to achieve more with technology while maintaining costs that are low and predictable.

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Secure Your Team

The keyword here is Advanced, because once your employee clicks that malicious link, it’s too late. At Summit, we proactively block those phishing, spam, and spoof emails. We monitor Microsoft Defender on everyone’s PC for viruses and then alert our users as soon as we see them. 

Microsoft’s leading virus protection, Microsoft Defender, safeguards your organization against malicious threats hidden inside email messages, links, and collaboration tools. From a central admin console, Summit monitors all your compute endpoints and alerts your users when a threat presents itself.

The best way to fight security breaches at your business is through user education. You can identify your weaknesses by running an attack simulation. Summit Technology can plan and execute a simulation for you, and you can begin your user education campaign.

Accelerate Team Collaboration

Microsoft Teams offers users rich functionality when it comes to a collaborative team meeting tool. You can start and record a meeting no matter where you are, invite your team to join on any device (including mobile), and begin audio and video with a background to hide your unfolded laundry. Everyone has had an experience where they wish they could remember what their boss told them in their last meeting. Thankfully, since Teams lets you record a meeting, you can just look back on that video or even have it be transcribed into searchable text to find what you need.  You’ll be able to share your screen, collaborate in real time on a document, share that file to the meeting, chat through Teams Channels, and trust that everything you do in Teams is done securely.

If you want your data securely stored and available to you from any device then OneDrive is for you. With OneDrive, you can collaborate on your documents, as can members from your team – in real time. If you need those files locally, you can sync them to your local drive. You also get to control who has access to your files, and you can share those files with people outside of your organization.

SharePoint is a public data place where you can create websites, forms, workflows, or just store files. It has rich searchability features to find what you need through numerous attributes including meta-data. You just need a web browser to access it. You’re now able to sync all your folders with your local computer. Also, any content you choose can be shared securely with people outside your organization.

Enable Your Team

Benefits to Microsoft 365 Subscription Through Agility 365

Microsoft’s licensing model allows you to install the Office 365 suite of products on up to 5 devices, including your home computer. This is any combination of PCs, Macs, tablets, and phones. Summit will also provision your Microsoft license immediately, so there’s no wait for licensing as you onboard your employee.

We want you to be using these modern cloud-based applications, that’s why we’ve partnered with BrainStorm. BrainStorm’s ‘QuickHelp’ is a user enablement program that follows a learn-by-doing approach. They teach users how to use all the features of Microsoft 365 through 3-minute videos, live events, articles, and assessments. QuickHelp will custom tailor a learning path for you and your associates to understand the collaboration and productivity tools at your disposal. Then when you’ve become proficient, there are thousands of quick reference tutorials on every aspect of Microsoft 365, from formatting cells for dates in Excel to setting permissions on your Sharepoint site. As you progress on your learning path, you can win points as you gain knowledge, and can gamify the process in your company.

QuickHelp stays up to date with all the technology that is coming at us at warp speed. That’s why every 2 weeks there’s a seminar for just QuickHelp members to see how to be productive, collaborate, and be secure with a live presentation and Q&A afterwards.

Scale Your Team

Scale Up or Down on a Monthly Basis

As your company grows or scales down, with Agility 365 from Summit, you can add or remove licenses and our services on a per-user per-month basis. No need to commit to long contracts where you’re locked into a license despite someone being separated from the company.

Fixed, Predictable IT Costs

With Summit’s per-user per-month flat fee pricing, if you know how many employees you have, you’ll know your IT spend.

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