4 Additional Services You Get From Licensing With Summit Technology


4 Additional Services You Get From Licensing With Summit Technology

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4 Additional Services You Get From Licensing With Summit Technology

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Microsoft licensing is essential for using Office applications easily. If you’re having trouble with your Office applications, we can help!

Summit Technology offers Microsoft licensing in Utah. Wondering which additional services you get from licensing with us? Find out more below, then get in touch today.


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Real-Time License Provision

The capacity to scale up or down as required is one of the primary benefits of Summit Technology’s license strategy. Ordering and providing licenses takes time. However, Summit Technology will issue all licenses the same day they are requested. We also include an online interface for clients with more than 50 licensed users. Users can add and delete licenses at any time.


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There Is No Minimum Term Commitment

Microsoft 365 licenses bought directly from Microsoft have a one-year minimum period requirement. There is no minimum period commitment for Microsoft 365 licenses bought from Summit Technology. We provide a month-to-month license at the lowest pricing.


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Quarterly Spending Analysis

Organizations usually overspend each quarter due to idle licenses, as is the case with most subscription-based licensing. Therefore, we deliver a quarterly report that identifies all unassigned licenses in your Microsoft 365 system, as well as the cost of such unused licenses, enabling you to precisely track your spending while still preserving license compliance.


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Dark Web Scanning

Hackers and other malicious entities are continually breaking into any organization with an internet presence, collecting client credentials, and then selling them on the dark web.

Summit Technology regularly checks the dark web through multiple partners and other partnerships and will notify you if any of your group members’ credentials are for auction.


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Our team is proud to offer a variety of services designed to help your business succeed. Get in touch with Summit Technology for Microsoft licensing services today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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