Why would I need to split apart multiple Office 365 tenants?

Organizations are constantly in flux. Either through native growth or perhaps when an organization decides to sell off a subsidiary business. Splitting two or more organizations is tough enough to
plan and properly execute, but what about the technical infrastructure?

With the popularity, stability, and capabilities in Office 365, chances are both organizations will continue to use these services. But, they need to separate their single Office 365 environment into two parts in a successful, smooth, and fast effort. There is no native way to “flip a switch” to divest two or more organizations involved in a divestiture.

Since so many business services operate in Office 365, it is imperative that these cloud based services, when divested, be properly executed and communicated to everyone involved. Technical enablement is important, but just as important is proper communications to everyone impacted.

Our proven methodology for successful divestitures

Email must continue to flow correctly

SharePoint Intranets/Extranet migrations

Compliance must be met for industry requirements

Data must be separated seamlessly

Phone systems must continue to work

Presence automated and integrated before, during and after divestitures in Office 365

Apps: custom apps must be merged

Legal holds must be kept in place during divestitures

Users must be trained and constantly aware

Divestitures involving Office 365 tenants can be complicated

There are tasks that administrators in Office 365 do each day and then there are tasks that very few will ever need to perform. Divesting two or more Microsoft Office 365 organizations apart can be a complicated process. Email must continue to flow just right within, between, and externally of the impacted organizations. Instant messaging, phone calls, and rich collaboration must continue to be reliable and instant forms of communication. Access to files, websites, custom applications, and other critical business functions must remain and come together smoothly. Compliance and legal holds on data can add another layer of complication. And perhaps most importantly, users must be made aware, trained, and well prepared for the impending changes so they do not impact their job functions.  All of this requires a proven and methodical approach by a Microsoft Partner with experience.

Get help with experience

Because this is a complicated project and is critical to the success of a divestiture, consider bringing in the experts who specialize in this area. With tried, proven, and a solid methodology, you must seek help. There are many ways to perform these divestiture tasks, but there is only one right method to follow for your organization. A qualified Microsoft Partner with experience will pave a solid path for your success.

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