Structured Cabling

Structured cabling can provide an organized reliable structure to a building’s cabling system that can increase the speed and quality of the building’s data network.

Summit Technology has been providing fiber optic cable design, installation, and network and system infrastructure for over two decades. Services include low voltage cabling service including installing Cat5e, Cat6, fiber optic, telephone, A/V, and wireless (Wi-Fi) networks.  All our cabling systems are labeled, fully tested, and certified for 15 years. From a single run to a multi-story building, our team provides quality at a competitive rate.

What are the benefits?


Structured Cabling keeps your network consistent and less messy. The more simple something is, the smaller the chance for human error to occur.

Cost Effective

Structured Cabling anticipates that your business will need to change/or upgrade their network. No more worrying about how costly it will be to buy extra cables or having to figure out if you have to open up more walls to fit more wires when everything is centralized in one place.

More Uptime

Structured Cabling can lower downtime by having the cabling be nice and organized. It makes it easier and faster for an IT team to identify a problem and fix it.

What to expect from us


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