Looking for expertise to bring your productivity, security, compliance, automation, network, and applications under one consulting point?

Our Virtual CIO offering can help. VCIO is a new concept rapidly being adopted by SMBs. With VCIO, we approach your technology needs from all of the aspects of what your own CIO would. We consider cost, staffing, security, automation, applications, cloud, and many other categories to enable your small to medium business do their business following best practices in the IT world. 

Today’s cloud technology is heavily underutilized. Security tools that businesses are already paying for are going unused, simply due to the fact that they don’t know what tools they have. And increasingly changing compliance and privacy requirements are hard for an SMB to keep up with. 

Summit Technology’s VCIO program will assist your business with regularly scheduled IT meetings with the principals of your business, executive dashboards, budgeting and security reports, personnel review, and recommendations for the latest in technology as we learn and test them. 

Hire Summit to help with your complete business IT needs, and even the smallest business can have their own CIO. 

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