Your New Security Officer

See how Summit IT can be your Chief security officer in 7 steps

Check your secure score

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just get a quick temperature reading on how you’re company is doing with security? With the Microsoft Secure Score, we can scan and evaluate if you’re doing the basics, if you’re a little behind, or way ahead.  After you see where to improve, let Summit Technology make those security changes for you, so you can sleep better at night.

Multi-factor authentication

What is Multi-factor authentication? Have you ever needed to type in a code that was texted to you in order to login somewhere? That’s MFA, or Multi-factor authentication. It removes about 95% of a hacker’s ability to get your password. We can set this up for you at your company, so that when someone tries to change a password, or logs in from an unfamiliar machine, you get texted first for your permission.

Training your users

So many security breaches occur from your employees’ well-intentioned but errant clicks. How would you like Summit to provide your company with some security training? Or, we could be white-hat phishermen and run a harmless phishing campaign to your company to reinforce how to be protected with email.

Device management with Office 365

If you left your laptop, or phone, in the seatback pocket on your last flight to Denver, would you panic? If your computer is running the latest encryption from Microsoft, your’re fine! You’ve only lost plastic and metal, not your financial docs. And, are you comfortable that your fleet of computers are being monitored by someone for viruses? At Summit, we do that. We’ll watch every alert and notify you when something seems phishy. Need to know how old all of your laptops are? We’ll track your warranty status, and we’ll keep your computers patched and updated with the latest in security fixes.

Data Loss Prevention

Do any of your employees have rules setup in their email that forwards all of their email out of the company and into their personal email? Or do you know if that quarterly business report was forwarded to someone that it wasn’t intended for? With DLP, or Data Loss Prevention, Summit can ensure that email stays within the company, and those sensitive attachments stay where they were meant to stay.

Block malicious file types

Microsoft handles over 5 billion email messages per day.  They know a thing or two about what attachments and web links are from the bad guys. And since they know, Summit knows too, and we will implement their Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) for your company so that those links and attachments never make it into your inbox. What if one slips through? We’ll get an alert about it, and contact your employee before you even know about it.

Store files in OneDrive

If your files are still down the hall in a server with dust on it, you may want to consider moving them to OneDrive storage. You won’t need a VPN to access your data, it’ll be on your phone, your laptop, your home PC, wherever you have a device and internet.  But more importantly, it’ll be protected by Microsoft with the latest operating system, malicious software scanning, and security patches, so that your data is always protected and backed up.

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