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GRID Fiber is Summit Technology's fiber internet solution! You will be able to access your internet at the speed of light – up to 1 Gbps. You’ll get up to 1 Gbps downloads and up to 1 Gbps uploads in your business. 

We can deliver copper, fiber, and low voltage anywhere in your building. No matter how many ethernet drops you have, we have the capacity for any size building. If you’re re-wiring or needing new work, we can do that too! Our technicians are experts in the testing and certification of both copper and fiber and always make sure your patch panel is an organized work of art.

What are the benefits?

While most other internet providers just sell you the fiber internet, we can deliver it straight to your business suite!

Our Network Solutions

Fiber Internet

At Summit Technology we pride ourselves on providing lightning-fast fiber internet that is secure and convenient. Whether your looking to get fiber internet sent straight to your business suite or to hook it up in a multi-family unit, we've got you covered.

WiFi Heat Mapping

WiFi isn't a one-size-fits-all solution so we like to look at a wi-fi heat map of your building to make sure you are making the most with the equipment you have. Not only will we provide you a tailormade solution, but will also run periodic health checks, monitor your equipment, and alter the network if needed.

Network Design

 With Summit Technology, network design work is scalable, secure and affordable - you can add additional network capacity as required. Combine great products and great design with our fiber internet solution - GRID Fiber - for a solution that future proofs the building and lowers long-term operational costs.

Business Office Solutions

We want you to be able to focus on what you do best - no need to worry about unreliable building WiFi, GRID Fiber is built to be delivered straight to your business suite!

Multi-Family Unit Solutions

Your wireless speed will usually slow down if other renters in the complex are piggybacking on the Wi-Fi signal - not a great selling point for renters. That is why it is so important to take steps to secure your signal and invest in fiber internet.

Did you know that 1 Gbps is 1 BILLION bits per second?!

How many seconds it takes to download a:

Pie chart showing how long it takes the different internet speeds to download a 45-minute TV Show

45-minute TV Show (500 MB)

1 Gbps - 4 seconds

500 Mbps - 8 seconds

250 Mbps - 18 seconds

100 Mbps - 40 seconds

Pie chart showing how long it takes the different internet speeds to download a 2-hour HD Movie

2-hour HD Movie (4.5 GB)

1 Gbps - 25 seconds

500 Mbps - 60 seconds

250 Mbps - 120 seconds

100 Mbps - 240 seconds

Featured Projects



  • Academy Village
  • Broadway Media Building
  • Fairbourne Station
  • Riverwalk Retail Spaces
  • Soleil Technology Park
  • Wasatch Corporate Building
  • Washington Federal Building
  • Wells Fargo Building
  • Woodlands Business Park

GRID Dedicated Fiber

If your business needs to host internet infrastructure in your office or requires a certified dedicated internet connection, we have you covered as well. With GRID Dedicated Fiber we can offer dedicated internet bandwidth of up to 10 Gbps to your suite at very competitive rates. GRID Dedicated Fiber offerings can also include multiple public IP addresses, dedicated point-to-point circuits, as well as direct connections to other facilities, data centers, or even internet peering sites. Multiple carriers are available.

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